I currently live in Southern California and came up to Sacramento on Christmas and I'm in a little bit of financial issue so my brother is going to send me some money on VENMO so I went to my VENMO page can't log in now I got a new cell phone number it's locked my old cell phone it won't let me change my cell phone number that is attached to the account what should be my new cell phone number so now it wants want to verify using

VENMO card. well I never use the card so it's sitting in storage in Orange County I'm so sad I don't know the CC numbers for that it tells me to call a number 800 number and it's one of those automated systems that only knows how to answer really easy questions you know the questions that nobody gives a *** about so give it anything complex the recording then states due to the high amount of volume of calls that we are receiving at this time we do not have any live operators at this time so please refer to the online system and then hangs up or something to that effect so if I can't talk to a live person about my banking information and I'm a pissed off consumer and if that's your business plan like every other bank and take your money promised you a lot of *** and then Go cheap cheap so they can make more money and no offer you nothing a *** business model talk to stupid freaking computer that card is not digitally uploaded and you can only talk to the automated system with stupid questions really easy questions I've well I don't know how I change the stuff to get my VENMO account back without talking to a live person cuz they're robots a *** moron so if somebody at VENMO can reactivate my account /GAIN ME ACOUNT ACCESSso I can get paid so I can fix my car and drive home that would be great and like this website I'm a pissed-off consumer cuz you guys suck.

User's recommendation: Venmo is good when it works really good but it has absolutely *** customer service and problem-solving capabilities especially if you get locked out of your account. I always put this hypothetical line let's do you get kidnapped and you're taking out to the middle of nowhere for a couple years right somehow escaped you go back into town if you go ask you where were you I was out here you was kidnapped blah blah blah but I have money on my venmo account can I access my venmo and they say sorry you don't remember your phone number you don't have your card on you because you're kidnapped and tied up somewhere I can't help you but have a great day. See what I mean if you're only going to offer an automated system that don't do banking do something like I don't know flower picking or I don't know reading a book and asking questions on that but we need to have an interactive conversation and poison real people that do the job your bank you make money you can literally make money so start spending it and stuff that can help you make more money stop *** off your consumers.

Location: Sacramento, California

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